Lincrafts have a vast array of soft toy animals from Hansa Toy International and Teddy Hermann along with Dowman Soft Touch and Living Nature. They range from household pets and domestic animals to wildlife and even mythalogical and extinct creatures. With prices starting at just a few pounds to hundreds, all with free UK postage, hopefully there is something for everyone's budget.

Pre Christmas Special Offers

up to 25% off

Pug Standing by Living Nature
Old price £21.50
£17.20 *
English Bulldog Sitting by Living Nature
Old price £21.50
£17.20 *
Sitting Dragon by Hansa (72cm)
Old price £69.99
£52.49 *
West Highland Terrier Black by Hansa 35cm.L
Old price £34.99
£26.24 *
Elephant Sit by Teddy Hermann (25cm)
Old price £15.51
£13.46 *
Pyjama Bear by Teddy Hermann (38 cm)
Old price £30.36
£26.31 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery