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Soft Toy Seal by Hansa (35cm) 3898

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Seal Facts

Manufacturer: Hansa
Category: Animals,Sea & Water Creatures

This Seal by Hansa is made from a soft plush fabric and is softly stuffed so once picked up it is hard to put down. It has airbrushed details around the face and flipper to add to the realistic look of the toy.

It is made to the highest standards from the finest materials and carries the CE label so it is safe for children (not under 36 months) and is surface washable.
Size approx. 13.7" (35cm).

Dimensions in cm.
L 35 W 13 H 15

  • European safety standards EN71 BS5665
  • Carries the CE label so it safe for children (not under 36 months)
  • Surface washable
  • Quality item with airbrushed details

Seals are fin-footed, semiaquatic marine mammals and are divided in 3 families: phocidae, the earless or true seal (eg. common seal), otaridae, eared seals (eg. fur seals and sea lions) and odobenidae (walrus).

There are 33 species of seals found throughout the world.

Seals are found in most waters of the world, mainly in the Arctic and Antarctica but also in some areas of the tropics.

The lifespan of seals ranges from 15 to 40 years, depending on the sex, species and living conditions. Females usually live longer than males.

The smallest seal species is the Baikal seal (Pusa sibirica) reaching 1.3 meters (4 ft 3 in) in length and weighing from 63 to 70 kilograms (139 to 154 pounds).