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Soft Toy Bird, Hyacinth Macaw by Hansa (65cm) 7370

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Hyacinth Macaw Facts

Manufacturer: Hansa
Category: Birds

A splendind Hyacinth Macaw by Hansa made from a vibrant blue plush synthetic fabric with air brushed feather detailing. It has support in its legs to maintain its balance and change its pose slightly.

Made from the finest materials to the highest standards.

Approx. size 13"(33cm) in height and 31"(79cm) in length from head to tip of tail.

  • European safety standards EN71 BS5665
  • Carries the CE label so it safe for children (not under 36 months)
  • Surface washable
  • Quality item with airbrushed details

The hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), or hyacinthine macaw, is a parrot native to central and eastern South America. With a length (from the top of its head to the tip of its long pointed tail) of about one meter it is longer than any other species of parrot.

It is the largest macaw and the largest flying parrot species; the flightless kakapo of New Zealand outweighs it at up to 3.5 kg. While generally easily recognized, it could be confused with the smaller Lear's macaw.

Habitat loss and the trapping of wild birds for the pet trade have taken a heavy toll on their population in the wild, so the species is classified as Vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List.

The largest parrot by length in the world, the hyacinth macaw is 1 m (3 ft 3 in) long from the tip of its tail to the top of its head and weighs 1.2–1.7 kg (2 lb 10 oz–3 lb 12 oz). Each wing is 38.8–42.5 cm (15+1⁄4–16+3⁄4 in) long. The tail is long and pointed.

Its feathers are entirely blue, lighter above. However, the neck feathers can sometimes be slightly grey. The ring around the eyes and area just underneath the beak are a strong, vibrant yellow.