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Soft Toy Squirrel by Hansa (26cm.L) 7238

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Red Squirrel Facts

Manufacturer: Hansa
Category: Animals

This Squirrel by Hansa is made to the highest standards from the finest materials and carries the CE label so it is safe for children and is surface washable.
Size approx. 7"(18cm) in height.

  • European safety standards EN71 BS5665
  • Carries the CE label so it safe for children (not under 36 months)
  • Surface washable
  • Quality item with airbrushed details

The red squirrel or Eurasian red squirrel is a species of tree squirrel in the genus Sciurus common throughout Eurasia. The red squirrel is an arboreal, omnivorous rodent.

Populations of red squirrels have fallen dramatically in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy. This is mostly due to introduction of the eastern grey squirrel (from North America), a species which is really good at finding food in broad-leaved woodlands.

Red squirrels are usually about 20 cm long, with a tail of similar length. They are smaller than eastern grey squirrels. The red squirrels long bushy tail helps them to balance when they are running on branches and jumping across branches. It may also be used to keep them warm when they sleep.

In the United Kingdom, most red squirrels have red/orange coats, but other populations around the world have darker coats. In winter all red squirrels grow a darker coat and they have longer ear tufts. Red squirrels have long, sharp claws to help it to grip branches and the bark of trees.